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Without art, we are not capable of realizing transformative change in society.

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In a time in which the limits of our current economic paradigm become more and more apparent, the question is timely: how might art help us transition towards wellbeing? If we are interested in newness and real alternatives in the evolution of our society, it is crucial that we explore and welcome new categories of self-perception and description. With the artists participating at the conference we hope to help inspire, provocate and make visible that which lies outside the observable. We hope to bring light into experiments of new perception and invite the conference participants to connect with the agenda beyond the rational.

Main performing artists:

Art installations 

To be explored in the breaks

Art installations to be explored in breaks

What about Utopia

Art installation by The Royal Danish Academy ́s Climate Group

Location: Drømmerummet | 15A.0.13

The installation invites you to enter a space created and dedicated to utopian thinking. Dreaming is a part of molding a new world. Therefore this installation suggests that we think about utopias and ask ourselves: How do we actually want to be human on this planet if nothing is impossible?

The installation has been created by The Academy ́s Climate Group - a student organization at the Royal Danish Academy - Architecture, Design, Conservation. It is made with discarded materials from DFD (Forenede Dampvaskerier) and designed according to CradleToCradle principles. Originally the installation was created for Tomorrow Festival 2020 with material sponsored by Gentræ. The installation was funded and supported by Tuborgfondet and the Royal Danish Academy.

Our Dreams

Interactive installation by the Green Youth Movement Denmark (Den Grønne Ungdomsbevægelse)

Location: Drømmerummet | 15A.0.13

A group of activists from The Green Youth Movement will take over an area of the conference to give their dreams a space and voice. With a workshop and installation the group invites conference participants to reflect on the questions of what has value. What are we longing for? What might we have lost connection with? What brings joy? The installation will be part of 'Drømmerummet' - a safe space where all conference participants are invited to go for a break, to zone in and out.

During the first day of the conference, the artist and climate activist Margrethe Møller performs a bridging of the two installations by the Green Youth Movement and Emilie Lykkegaard Schmidt. Come by in the breaks on Thursday to rest into the collective dreaming with Møller.

Growth in Perspective

Soundinstallation by Emilie Lykkegaard Schmidt

Location: Drømmerummet | 15A.0.13

Growth In Perspective (2024) is an interactive sound installation, which explores our deep connection to landscapes. The installation seeks to highlight the meditative stillness of landscapes, and invites the listener to embrace slowness and patience.

Growth In Perspective is developed as part of a broader practice concerned with patient listening as an activist approach. One of the current works in progress is Sounding Landscapes, which is a sound meditation developed for the Art & Activism programme at Roskilde Festival 2024, in collaboration with FLOR – Danmarks Naturfredningsforening.


Art installation by Becoming Species, Charlotte Østergaard and Linh Le

Location: Multisalen | 21.0.54

Becoming Species will during their audio-visual performance in Multisalen interact with two knotting works: "KNYTTE BÅND" 2024 made by Charlotte Østergaard and Linh Le in collaboration with Aaben Dans and 785 people, primarily school kids from Roskilde Municipality, exhibited during SWOP festival and a knotting work made during Passage Festival 2023 in Elsinore where living and threatened species were celebrated.

The knotting works are a co-creation of community and connection, symbolising and enacting the ecosystem of life with knots tying us all together. The practice of knotting have been passed on from Charlotte Østergaard to Becoming Species as a way to tie humans to more-than-human nature in performative art installations and civil disobedient actions. All materials are recycled textiles.


Posters by Amalie Smith

Location: Multisalen | 21.0.54

In continuation of the session "Giv naturen en stemme: Litterær folkehøring som metode" conference participants will have the opportunity to see Amalie Smith's work "FOUR POSTERS: Slow fire – Us – Only in action there is hope – Earth is calling". The posters are made from material produced at four literary public hearings that were held at Albertslund Library in the autumn of 2023. Subsequently, the posters were exhibited at the library. The posters are distributed free of charge in Multisalen at the Wellbeing Economy Conference.

Leading profiles from the Danish art and culture scene will take part in various track sessions:

6 track sessions exploring change through art, culture and nature:

30. maj | 11.00-12.30 

Strategier til forsvar for biodiversiteten

Forandring gennem natur og kultur

OPLEV: Daniel Flendt Dreesen | Mette Termansen | Alexander Holm | Tobias Udsholt | Phie Ambo

ARRANGØR(ER): IMAGINE 5 | Tænketanken Hav

Giv naturen en stemme: Litterær folkehøring som metode 

Forandring gennem natur og kultur

OPLEV: Carsten Jensen | Ditte Marie Nesdam-Madsen | Rikke Møller | Thomas Sture Rasmussen | Kristine Fjord Tolborg

ARRANGØR(ER): Chora 2030 | Albertslund Bibliotek | Danmarks Biblioteksforening

30. maj | 14.00-15.30 

Fra mistrivsel til harmoni: kunstens rolle i sundhedsfremmende indsatser


Forandring gennem natur og kultur

OPLEV: Eva Hjelms | Anna Paldam Folker | Andreas Vetö | Charlotte Iisager Petersen | Strygerkvartet fra Danmarks Underholdningsorkester

ARRANGØR(ER): Sund By Netværket | Statens Institut for Folkesundhed | Danmarks Underholdningsorkester

Fra skærm til skov: naturbaserede løsninger på trivselskrisen

Forandring gennem natur og kultur

OPLEV: Dorthe Varning Poulsen | Thomas Neumann | Sarah Kisbye

ARRANGØR(ER): Danmarks Naturfredningsforening | Københavns Universitet

31. maj | 11.00-12.30 

Talk 1) Bevægelsen tilbage til meningsfuldhed og balance
Talk 2) Økonomiske veje til genforvildet natur

Forandring gennem natur og kultur

OPLEV: Maj My Humaidan | Anders Morgenthaler | Jacob Jelsing

ARRANGØR(ER): Maj My Humaidan | Anders Morgenthaler

31. maj | 14.00-15.30 

Harnessing Art and Culture to Enhance Young People's Wellbeing: Towards a National Policy for Art and Culture in Health 

Forandring gennem natur og kultur

OPLEV: Nils Fietje | Birgit Bundesen | Amalie Stærke | Kara Djurhuus

ARRANGØR(ER): Foreningen Roskilde Festival

Thank you to WOHN for letting us borrow 3D printed boxes used as functional tables and decoration and to Roskilde Festival Fondet for a kind donation to support art at the conference. The art and culture program has been curated by Annette Lendal and Julian Krauss.

Workshops i frokostpausen

Kreative indslag i pauserne

Musik performance 30. maj | 10.30-11.00 og 13.00-13.50 | Drømmerummet 

Singing Our Dreams

OPLEV: Møller

ARRANGØR(ER): Den Grønne Ungdomsbevægelsse

Møller _Katrine Noer.jpg

Naturworkshop i pausen 30. maj | 13.00-13.45 | Naturteltet i Grønningen

Skab naturlig glæde hos store og små  

OPLEV: Thomas Neuman | Sarah Kisbye

ARRANGØR(ER): Danmarks Naturfredningsforening  

Naturens uge_edited.jpg

Meditativ workshop 31. maj | 13.00-13.45 | Drømmerummet 

Ego til Eco – En ny bevidsthed som skal vækkes og fremelskes

OPLEV: Emilie Mogensen

ARRANGØR(ER): Videnscenteret Viden om data  

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