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Singing Our Dreams


Musik performance 30. maj | 10.30-11.00 og 13.00-13.50 | Drømmerummet 

On Thursday the artist and climate activist Møller performs a bridging of the two installations by the Green Youth Movement and Emilie Lykkegaard Schmidt. Through vocal improvisations she interacts with the already existing ecology of sounds, texts and visuals, weaving them closer together. Leading up to this performance she has guided the workshop “Collective Dreaming” together with fellow activists in DGUB for an international group of 60 young activists. Their dreams are the ones being voiced. Come by in the breaks on Thursday to rest into the collective dreaming with Møller.

Møller is the voice of change. She creates an organic universe of exploration and new connections to the deep inside and the more than human spheres. Her regenerative songwriting translates the pain of our world into hope and courage. In her performances, honest poetry and expansive voice, she invites the listener to put their ear on the earth, take out their bare hands and dig deep into the soil. ​

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