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The Danish conference on Wellbeing Economy

May 30-31

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Watch the plenaries from the conference

Wellbeing Economy: An economy for the future (in english)

Opening of the conference, framing of well-being economy as a framework for discussion of connected crises in Denmark, the EU and globally based on the role of the current economic system.

Wellbeing economy in practice (partly in english)

Perspectives on the possibilities of a Danish wellbeing economy focus on real-world examples and case studies that demonstrate how theory can be translated into practice across sectors and political divides.

Wellbeing economy in an international perspective (partly in english)

Focuses on the role of the wellbeing economy in the political debate leading up to the EP elections, with the participation of Danish EP candidates.

The way forward towards a Danish wellbeing economy (in danish)

Focus on learnings and common action opportunities we can take with us from the conference.

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