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The six tracks of the conference

To ensure that the conference comes all the way around Wellbeing Economy and creates space for dialogue on the many different aspects, it is built around six different tracks. Each track represents different approaches to a Wellbeing Economy and there will be four sessions within each track during the conference.



The role and direction of the economy

The track deals with the purpose of the economy, as a cornerstone to ensure people's wellbeing in interaction with the ecosystem of which we are part. Sessions may include topics such as the role of the economy in society, measures of success beyond GDP and visionary national development plans, as well as business opportunities for goal management.


The root causes and prevention

This track addresses the opportunities for, among others, politicians and companies to work with prevention and address the root of the problem rather than treating the symptoms of the problems. This applies, among other things, to areas such as climate, overuse of nature's resources and causes of decreasing mental wellbeing. 


Fair future


This track will focus on redistributing power, wealth, time and income so that the economy works proactively for everyone. It could include discussions about democratic and employee-owned businesses, community-based wealth building and living wages.


Democratization of the economy

The track focuses on how economic decisions can be driven by the population, including direct involvement in decision-making and agenda setting. This can, among other things, involve experience with citizens' assemblies, participatory budgeting and member democracy.


Change through nature and culture

The track will explore how nature and culture can create reflection, inspire societal change, and challenge conventional perceptions. It will investigate how creative expression and connection with nature can stimulate a deeper understanding of and commitment to societal development and strengthen dialogue, wellbeing and understanding across social strata.


Wellbeing Economy in a global perspective


This track provides space for debate about the global economic system and its institutions, focusing on reforms towards more sustainable and fair economic practices. The focus is, among other things, on Wellbeing Economy in a global context, and how the principles are put into practice in other countries, cities and among companies.

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