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We face systemic problems that require a Wellbeing Economy created through collaboration across sectors

Our society is currently in a fundamental crisis. 6 out of 9 planetary boundaries have already been crossed. This means that we need fundamental change in order to pass on a viable planet to the next generations. At the same time, dissatisfaction and social divides are growing in Denmark.


Maintaining a one-sided focus on GDP growth as a measure for the economy is unsustainable. This goal does not guide us in the direction of a society that operates within the planetary boundaries and at the same time ensures good lives now and in the future. 

A Wellbeing Economy measures success based on how well the economy promotes people's quality of life within the carrying capacity of the ecosystem. The vision for a Wellbeing Economy in Denmark must be created through cooperation across sectors and political divides. WEAll DK is the network for that collaboration.

Wellbeing Economy is based on a holistic approach


The economy does not operate in a vacuum, but is an integral part of society, which is itself rooted in the planet's ecosystem. These systems are interdependent and their interaction affects the whole. Therefore, a Wellbeing Economy is assessed based on its ability to promote general wellbeing, aligned with the carrying capacity of the ecosystem.

The four cornerstones of a Wellbeing Economy

Purpose: The purpose of the economy is to provide human well-being in balance with the planetary limits

Prevention: The well-being of the ecosystem and people is best ensured through prevention and addressing the root of the problems

Pre-distribution: Resources, power and opportunities are distributed fairly from the start so the economy works for everyone ​


Public governance: Public engagement and involvement should be central to economic decisions and priorities

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