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What role do foundations play in shaping the future economic system?


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30 May 12.30-14.00 - 9A.0.01

Talk and debate

The philanthropic sector is in a unique position to address the complex, systemic challenges of the future, including the transition to a sustainable economic paradigm and system. However, the evolving complexities of global challenges simultaneously demand a more forward-thinking approach from philanthropicorganisations and institutions.


At this session, Jo Swinson, Director of Partners for a New Economy (P4NE), will be offering her unique perspective on the ways foundations can support the emergence of a future-fit, sustainable economy. P4NE is an international grant-making fund created in 2015 to catalyse transformational change in our economy so that nature and all people can flourish. Formerly a senior UK politician, Jo Swinson was Leader of the Liberal Democrats and a Business Minister in the Coalition Government. She served for 12 years as a Member of Parliament, and co-founded the All Party Parliamentary Group on Wellbeing Economics in 2009.


Sine Egede Eskesen, Chief Visionary Officer of Bikuben Foundation and Rosa Klitgaard Andersen, Deputy Director of KR Foundation, will be participating in the debate, sharing their thoughts on the role of philanthropy in relation to systemic change and the transition to a sustainable economy. 


Anders Dybdal, CEO of Operate, will moderate the session.



Rosa Klitgaard Andersen, Deputy Director of KR Foundation



Sarah Steinitz
Foreningen for Elite - og Magtstudier

Anders Dybdal - Stort.jpeg

Anders Dybdal, CEO of Operate

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