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Towards a National Policy for Art and Culture in Health - enhancing young people's wellbeing through art and culture



31. maj 14.00-15.30 - Audi 3- 22.0.11

Talk and debate  

The World Health Organization (WHO) advocates for the integration of art and culture into national health policies due to compelling evidence linking these elements to improved mental health and wellbeing. This integration could be a key contribution to addressing the wellbeing crisis among young people. Despite this, Denmark has yet to fully embrace these practices at a policy level. 

This session will delve into the evidence supporting art and health interventions, featuring insights from WHO and exemplary national initiatives: the National Centre for Art and Mental Health and the Workers Museum’s current exhibition ‘Women’s Lives’. And we will hear from politician Jan E. Jørgensen - spokesman on cultural affairs from the danish Liberal Party - where he sees the potentials for a national policy for art and culture in Health.  

Join us as we ask: How do we bridge the gap between evidence and political action? How can we convert this knowledge into actionable policy? What are the pathways to systemic change? 


20230309 WHO_ Nils Fietje_ .jpg
Amalie Stærke.jpg

Amalie Stærke, Curator, The Workers Museum (Denmark) 


Jan E Jørgensen, 

member of the Danish Parliament for the Liberal Party. Spokesperson on cultural affairs and member of the cultural committee. 

Kara_Djurhuus_Roskilde Festival.jpg


Kara Djurhuus, Head of Philanthropy, The Roskilde Festival Group   

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