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Become a content partner at the conference

Thank you for your applications!

The application phase is now over, and we will continuously get back to everyone who has offered to host sessions.

Wellbeing Economy as a framework for dialogue across society

Transition to a Wellbeing Economy has impact on all sectors across society. Therefore, the conference must be a meeting place where different actors engage in dialogue about the potentials of the Wellbeing Economy and everyone have the opportunity to offer their expertise. Each organization, company or expert knows best what opportunities and limitations are at stake in their own field and what concerns their particular target group. It is crucial to bring these insights into play if we are to develop a common vision for a Wellbeing Economy in Denmark. Therefore, we invite actors to contribute to the program by applying to host a session. The vision is that partners across sectors have the opportunity to make their mark on the conference, in order for it to engage with the questions they themselves see as needed, without losing sight of the systemic perspective.

Partner sessions contribute with relevant content for all sectors

Both days the conference begins and ends with a plenary session. During the day there will be partner sessions for each of the six tracks. As a partner, you have great freedom to plan your session(s), as long as they are relevant to the theme of the track and at the same time support the overall mindset and purpose of the conference. Each session lasts 70 minutes and the framework is very free in terms of format. In continuation of the conference's mindset of inclusion and holistic thinking, we encourage the partner sessions to include contributions from different types of social actors and to be planned with ambitious goals for diversity.

All applications will be evaluated to ensure they align with the overall agenda. Selected applicants will receive feedback and will, in collaboration with the project team, ensure that the content fits with the rest of the conference's programme. Approved sessions will be included in the programme after a final deadline.

For questions about content, concept or format, contact the project team at

The following organisations are among the partners of the conference

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