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Who is responsible for the unborn?



31. maj 11.00-12.30 - Room X

Presentation, debate, and workshop


There is an international movement underway. At the UN summit in September, the whole world will discuss how we can take responsibility for the unborn. Currently, there is also a discussion about whether the EU should have a Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for future generations. But one country is already far ahead of all others: Wales. The country is part of the "Wellbeing Economy Governments" coalition and one of the biggest advocates for a wellbeing economy. As far back as 2015, they introduced a "Well-being of Future Generations Act." This legislation also established a new independent institution with a Commissioner for Future Generations, Sophie Howe. We now bring Sophie and the discussion about the wellbeing of future generations to Denmark as we ask:

Who is responsible for the unborn?


Michael B.png

Sophie Howe, former Commissioner for Future Generations

Daria Krivonos, CEO at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, CIFS 

Michael Birkjær, Head of Analysis at Wellbeing Economy Lab, WELA 

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