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Can deliberative methods open up the economy's power apparatus to citizens?



30. maj 11-12.30 - Audi 3 - 22.0.11

Talk and workshop

Why do citizens have limited ownership and influence over powerful economic decisions? If the heavy institutions won’t open, what methods can be used for people to learn about the economy, to facilitate engagement? The session tackles the issue of sidelining citizens' voices in economic matters controlled by experts. Moderated by WEDO Democracy, feminist economist activist Emma Holten and social entrepreneur Ted Howard will have a talk on democratizing the economy. More specifically, they will discuss what measures and innovative measures can be used to democratize financial institutes.  


The talk is followed by a workshop on deliberative processes, where participants delve into enhancing citizen involvement in economic decisions. This session’s goal is to encourage citizens to actively shape the economy.  


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Ted Howard, political activist, author and founder of The Democracy Collaborative 

Emma Holten, feminist economist activist and gender policy consultant. 

Kolja Dalin, facilitator of deliberative processes and workshops, WEDO Democracy 

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